Sustainable Winter Snow & Ice Care

Whether you’re securing snow & ice services for an HOA, a medical park, a hotel, or a private home, you’re no doubt concerned about the environmental impact of de-icing products and snow and ice removal equipment.

Recent years have witnessed massive growth in the markets for environmentally safe product for winter grounds care. A&D is continually researching the latest products that can provide the best results at the optimum intersection of environmental safety and affordability.

According to the NY Cornell Cooperative Extension Service, 40% of salt use in some areas of NY is by private users and cautions:

Adding too much salt to an icy surface is an unnecessary cost and can increase damage to concrete, metal, drinking water, vegetation, fish and wildlife, as well as air and water quality – which can impact human health.

We at A&D Service Group believe that all property owners – residential and commercial – can help the environment by exploring alternatives to rock salt. Discuss options with your snow and ice removal firm. They have their strengths and drawbacks. A few to consider:

Liquid potassium acetate is a biodegradable liquid that can be applied before a storm to prevent ice and snowy walkways.

Magnesium chloride doesn’t harm vegetation but can create a slippery sheen and can harden if any water gets into it during storage.

Potassium chloride. Widely used in high foot traffic areas, this product is safe around vegetation and groundwater.

CMA is considered cost-effective and biodegradable.

Consult your professional landscaper to discuss whether to test out a more sustainable product. Many, such as A&D Service Group, are introducing sustainable practices that reduce the negative environmental, health, and financial impacts of over application or rock salt.

For more information and help, contact A&D Group Services.

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