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24/7 Snow & Ice Removal

Sustainable Snow & Ice Management

A&D Service Group Commercial and Residential Landscape Services of Westchester NY
A&D Service Group Commercial and Residential Landscape Services of Westchester NY

When it comes to snow and ice removal, reliability is critical. How do we guarantee this reliability for each of our customers? At A&D Service Group, we own and operate all of the equipment we use—so we can ensure every machine is well-serviced and right for the job. But machinery isn’t everything, which is why we also have a highly-vetted, well-trained team that goes on alert the minute a storm is forecasted. This unique combination allows us to provide consistent, safe, and hassle-free cleanup right when you need it, every time.

Snow and Ice Removal

Commercial Snow Management

Are you looking for reliable, cost-effective snow and ice services for your driveways, drive-throughs, parking lots, and pathways?  Need a firm you can trust to be there any time of day or night, 24/7?  At A&D Service Group, we go above and beyond to keep your property clear and safe around-the-clock. With our own fleet of machinery and well-trained staff, we always bring the right equipment and a dependable team to clear your property as often as each snowfall requires.

Competitive Pricing That Keeps You In-Budget
Our budget-friendly and effective Winter maintenance solutions have earned us the trust of countless commercial enterprises in Westchester, NY, and surrounding counties. With our well-serviced, specialized snow equipment, we provide first-rate, safe cleanup more efficiently and at a better price.

Sustainable Snow and Ice Maintenance  
Are you concerned about the impact de-icing products or snow and ice removal equipment have on the environment and your property? A&D is continually researching cutting-edge products that provide the best results with the lowest environmental impact at affordable prices. Read more about our sustainable products and practices here.

Snow Relocation, Pre-treatment, & De-Icing Services

We have the right experience, equipment, and materials to stay ahead of bad weather, no matter what challenges Winter brings. Whether it’s relocating snow in a way that best fits your property’s limitations or pre-treating the grounds with sustainable ice melt—we keep your property safe 24/7.

Residential Snow & Ice Removal

Throughout Westchester, Fairfield, and Rockland counties, residential customers know A& D Service Group for our reliable and responsive snow and ice removal. You can rest easy knowing that you will never again have to worry about keeping your property safe during and after snowfall or freezing temperatures. With fast, responsive, and conscientious snow management, we plow every inch of accumulation, so you are never stranded. Your safety is our number one priority!

The A&D Commitment

Reliable, First-Rate Service

We are meticulous about the hiring and training of each of our employees to ensure you get the peace of mind you deserve. Because to us, exceptional service is not just about providing consistent results—but also ensuring your entire experience is seamless and stress-free.

High-Quality Results at the Lowest Total Cost

Because we own and operate every piece of equipment we use, we have complete control over the safety, scheduling, and cost of everything we do—which saves you time and money without ever sacrificing quality.

Cutting-edge Materials & Machinery

Rely on our services with confidence. A&D Service Group undergoes third-party vetting as a vendor for apartment complexes and has approval status from Registry Monitoring Insurance Services, Compliance Depot and NetVendor. Our credentials check out so that you can meet your risk management requirements.